Design it Yourself Flowers

Say it with a bunch of flowers designed by you

Design it yourself Bouquets

Our DIY Bouquets are the perfect bouquet for anyone looking to say it with flowers. From our entry level £30 bouquet to our extra large and extra luxury £100 bouquet we will lavish care and attention to each and every one.

It's like having your own friendly personal florist on call 24/7.

All you have to do is choose the flowers you would like and tell us your preferred colour and style in our additional comment box on our order form and our florists will do their very best to make your bouquet the way you want.

What we do... and other online florists don't

We know our D.I.Y. bouquets are simply unbeatable, each and every one of them is lavished with care and attention to every detail.

  • Each D.I.Y. bouquet comes with the very minimum a single palm leaf and contrasting foliage as standard in a luxury arrangement.
  • Each D.I.Y. bouquet comes wrapped in coordinated cellophane in a hand tied arrangement by a qualified florist. We do not simply throw your flowers into a sleeve like every other online florist out there.
  • Each D.I.Y. bouquet is finished off with a coordinated hand made bow. Some of our more budget competitors are charging you extra for a bow and it's not even a coordinated hand made bow, it's one of those cheap pull bows.
  • Each D.I.Y. bouquet is wrapped in a water bubble that assists in delivering the very freshest flowers. Be careful, some of our cheaper competitors will simply put your flowers in the box with no water at all. Arghhh... we just can't believe it... but they do.
  • Finally each D.I.Y. bouquet is packed inside one of our small, medium or large flower boxes and is nestled amongst colour coordinated tissue paper to help protect the flowers in transit. Our competitors do not do this, your flowers will simply arrive inside an empty box.

Please Note: Can we stress this again... We "do not" put your order into a ready made sleeve, we use real floristry skills, coordinated cellophane, real hand made bows, foliage and palm to present your bouquet as the bouquet it deserves to be... A blooming lovely one.

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