Luxury Gift Box

Our 24kt gold-trimmed roses are hand made in the USA from real roses hand picked at the peak of their beauty and immediately electro-plated in layers of copper and nickel before finally being dipped in 24kt gold and trimmed in lacquer. The whole process takes nearly 4 months of painstaking hard work with over 50 steps to complete each piece.

Your rose is then presented in one of our specially made luxury presentation gift boxes with an authentication tag attached to the stem.

All in all, it really is the most luxury of once in a lifetime gifts.

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Please note: There are other gold, silver and platinum roses out there that are usually made in Thailand and are thinner and have much smaller heads. Ours are imported directly from the U.S.A. and are superior in every detail. Also, our Gold and Platinum roses are 17in in length. Cheaper imitations are only 12in.

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