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Black Baccara Roses

Baccara E-Rose Baccara E-Rose from £4.99 More Info
Letterbox Single Black Baccara Rose Letterbox Single Black Baccara Rose from £21.99 Buy Now
Luxury Single Black Baccara Rose Luxury Single Black Baccara Rose from £26.99 Buy Now
2 Letterbox Black Baccara Roses 2 Letterbox Black Baccara Roses from £29.99 Buy Now
2 Luxury Black Baccara Roses 2 Luxury Black Baccara Roses from £34.99 Buy Now
3 Letterbox Black Baccara Roses 3 Letterbox Black Baccara Roses from £35.99 Buy Now
3 Luxury Black Baccara Roses 3 Luxury Black Baccara Roses from £40.99 Buy Now
Black Baccara Rose Petals Black Baccara Rose Petals from £31.00 More Info

Our Black Baccara Roses

Black Baccara roses have a deep and glamourous burgundy colour that is both dark and mysterious. One of the darkest naturally coloured roses available, if you prefer an even darker (more black) rose then check our our Black Tinted Roses.

The Meaning of Black Baccara Roses

The magic of black roses has attracted our attention throughout the ages, the very colour inspires a powerful feeling of mystical expectation, the very essence of a black rose appears to originate from an unattainable, improbable and unnatural world and it's meaning differs significantly, depending on how they are perceived as can be seen below:

Deep Devotion:
For some, black roses represent tragic love, while for others, they symbolize deep and pure devotion. When gifted to a loved one, a black rose is indicative of a devotion that is deep and rare as the flower itself.

Tragic Love:
A black rose is known to mean the end of something, which could be a relationship, an idea, or a career. So when sent to a lover, a single black rose could symbolize the death of that relationship.

Rebirth and Rejuvenation:
Black roses often are associated with a new beginning and rebirth representing the end of old habits or the end of an era which paves the way for a new beginning.

Revenge and Hatred:
Black roses are also a symbol of hatred and revenge. When sent to an enemy, it is representative of the feeling of vengeance.

Resistance and Courage:
Protestation or resistance, as well as courage and strength, are some other meanings attached to this unique rose.

Death and Mourning:
The black color has always been associated with death and the dark side of human nature. So, the conventional meaning of a black rose is death and mourning or bereavement. So, this rare flower does also symbolizes sadness and farewell.

  • Rose styles
  • Extras
  • Letterbox Friendly

    Single Letterbox Rose

    • Sent in a Letterbox Friendly Long Stemmed Rose (60x11x4cm) Box
    • Includes water tube on stem
    • Wrapped in luxury cellophane sleeve
    • Secured in place with a colour coordinated fabric bow
    • Available for 1, 2 and 3 roses


    Single Luxury Rose

    • Sent is a Luxury (43x6x9cm) Gift Box
    • Includes water tube on stem
    • Nestled in folds of White Silk
    • Finished off with a hand made bow
    • Comes ready to give, free from address labels etc.
    • Available for 1, 2 and 3 roses

    Casanova Upgrade - £6.00

    Single Casanova Rose

    They'll never be able to say you're not romantic! Upgrade your Letterbox Friendly or Luxury Rose to the Casanova presentation and we'll sprinkle fresh, colour-coordinated rose petals into your rose box.

    Please Note

    • Letterbox friendly boxes are designed to fit through the letterbox however on rare occasions our delivery drivers don't seem to understand the concept and despite extra stickers etc they still don't post them. Apologies if this happens to you.
    • Luxury Roses arrive in an outer box allowing your recipient to enjoy the silk lined presentation box free from any address labels etc.
    • Our awesome range of Extra gifts can be added at checkout, however what you are offered will depend on your presentation style you choose.
    • All roses arrive in water tubes and will be accompanied by a sachet of Rose food, not just flower food, as this is designed specifically to extend their life.

    Make your rose gift even more special with some extra gifts from our unique range. Perhaps add an "I Love You" helium balloon, or a jug of fresh rose petals. The choice is yours. Once you've chosen your main rose gift and gone to the checkout you'll see our Gift Slider where you can add these and much more.

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