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Send an E-Rose worldwide Send an E-Rose worldwide
What's included with your E-Rose?
Black E-Rose Black E-Rose from £4.99 Buy Now
Peach E-Rose Peach E-Rose from £4.99 Buy Now
Purple E-Rose Purple E-Rose from £4.99 Buy Now
Yellow E-Rose Yellow E-Rose from £4.99 Buy Now
Blue E-Rose Blue E-Rose from £4.99 Buy Now
Happy E-Rose Happy E-Rose from £4.99 Buy Now
Pink E-Rose Pink E-Rose from £4.99 Buy Now
Baccara E-Rose Baccara E-Rose from £4.99 Buy Now
Orange E-Rose Orange E-Rose from £4.99 Buy Now
Lilac E-Rose Lilac E-Rose from £4.99 Buy Now
Red Naomi E-Rose Red Naomi E-Rose from £4.99 Buy Now
White E-Rose White E-Rose from £4.99 Buy Now

How it worksHow E-Rose works


Sent by email

  • Sent manually by us to your recipient's email address on your chosen day between 9.30am and 12noon.
  • It will include your chosen rose alongside your personal message. Please note if no identifiable information is in the message, it will be anonymous.
  • The email will also contain links to both your recipient's online version and Name-a-Rose gift.

Web Page

Online Virtual Rose

  • Every E-rose comes with its own online version. There will be a link to this online version in YOUR confirmation email after you order.
  • It's the same as the email version, but can be viewed at anytime.
  • If you wish, there will be links to share it on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Click here for a preview of an E-Rose


Name your very own rose

  • Your recipient will receive a link containing a unique password which allows them to name their own rose on www.name-a-rose.com.
  • Each rose named is planted in our public or indeed memorial virtual rose gardens forever alongside the other 8000+ roses you will find all happily growing there.

Why Choose interROSE?

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Real Florist

Yep, that's right we are a real hard working high street florist based in Lowestoft, Suffolk and have specialized in roses since 1999.

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Extra Gifts

We have a really nice range of extra gifts on our beautiful gift slider, if you can't find the perfect add-on there, you never will!

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Free Delivery

We offer free weekday delivery on everything alongside a range of premium Pre 10:30am, Pre 12 noon, Saturday and Sunday services with full tracking available.

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Send Rose/Save Tree

OneTribe - Climate Action Counter

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